Temporary Residency Visa to Australia

Certain categories of skilled workers and professionals are permitted to enter Australia for a certain period like the duration of a contract of up to four years to take up employment where it can be shown that a job cannot be filled by a resident. There are no set quotas for visas for most temporary workers, who may be engaged in a wide range of occupations, including academic staff, domestic staff, entertainers, executive, professional and technical people, foreign government officials, media and film staff, medical practitioners, occupational trainees, religious personnel, retirees, sportsmen/women and working holidaymakers.

If you are granted with  a temporary residence visa permitting you to work in Australia and your spouse is named on the application as your dependant, he or she is also permitted to work in Australia. A temporary residence visa is not automatically renewable and no change of job or sponsor is allowed once you enter the country.

Candidates are expected to stay for the full time period of their planned stay. In most cases, temporary residents are granted a multiple entry visa for the period of their approved stay. 

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