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Sailing towards one’s dream is not that easy. People have been moving from one nation to another in search of their lives’ mission. But they need the right guidance and proper assistance in immigration procedure to do it without hassles. This is where Green Light come in, like a ray of hope. Green Light Immigration Services has been delivering exemplary services for immigration and visa aspirants since 2003.

Based out of Dubai, the commercial hub of the world, Green Light is a Licensed Immigration Company offering legal and authentic solutions and support to immigration applicants for Permanent Resident (PR), Temporary Resident Visas via Skilled, Self-employed, Family, Business, Investor, Student and State Sponsorship classes. Green Light has successfully handled applications to destinations like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. Be it Business or entrepreneur visa, Investor Visa, Student Visa or Work Permit. Green Light has successfully handled applications from those joining Nursing Programs.

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Canada has a strong tradition in immigration. Migrate to Canada is the aspiration of a majority of people thinking about leaving their own country for better prospects. It is said that one in five Canadians is born abroad. The nation prefers to have “safe, orderly and regular migration” with an open mind to enhance cultural richness and diversity of community. Canada is on the lookout for skilled labour force, innovative concepts and boost to economy. 


Migrate to Australia seems a natural decision as Australia is one of the most preferred choice for immigration in the world. High employment rate, premium living conditions, cultural diversity and high wages along with most organised point-based Visa system makes Australia the most desirable destination. Australia is facing a shortage of skill in many industries, making it the right time to plan a career there. 

The United Kingdom

The UK features top in the list of immigration hot spots. It has welcomed people from a spectrum of communities. But since 2010, the Immigration Law has undergone major revisions and now a 5-tier Visa System based on points is in place. An informed immigration consultant can help the applicant clear the apparently restrictive UK immigration system and explore excellent career options in the UK.

New Zealand

Life, believe the New Zealanders, is for living. Working in New Zealand, Live in New Zealand is the definitely one of the best immigration options. The country offers enough opportunities for work and secure social life. They call it work-life balance. New Zealand also offers the ideal environment to raise the children in a safe and secure way. Least affected by the global financial crisis, New Zealand has a vibrant and upbeat employment sector. It is now time to migrate to New Zealand

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