Business Visa to Australia

Acquiring a business in Australia or making an investment in Australia needs the right visa consultancy. Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) supports and promotes investment that can augment the national economy.

Business Visa holders are supposed to become actively involved in senior level of business ventures within the first 24 months of their entry to Australia. The business they indulge in are supposed to:
- Have business links with international market
- Generate jobs in Australia
- Promote export of Australian goods or services
- Bring down import through domestic production
- Introduce new or improved technology and
- Increase the commercial activity.

Provisional Business Visa Holders are also supposed to fulfil all these and also to get substantial ownership or stake in an Australian business venture. They should have direct and proactive engagement at senior level in daily management and should make substantial contribution in the progression of the business.

Business Talent Visa Holders must fulfil these criteria within Three years of arrival in Australia, failing which the visa will be cancelled.

Investor Visa Holders are expected to maintain the declared investment pattern for a four-year term or else face the chance of visa cancellation.
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